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Gebruik uw M-lenzen op de SL2 of SL2-S en maak fantastische beelden! Deze adapter ter waarde van € 420 is gratis als je de SL2 of SL2-S aankoopt voor 30 september 2021!





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The Future
One look is enough

The Leica SL-System is the embodiment of the digital era in professional photography. As a mirrorless system camera with an electronic viewfinder and electronic shutter, the Leica SL impresses with versatility, ease of handling and robustness.

Its versatility is underlined by its maximized compatibility with lenses from other Leica systems. Discover the power of the moment. Discover the Leica SL-System.



EyeRes® viewfinder
Perfect control in every situation

The improved EyeRes® EVF matches an outstanding 5.76MP panel with an eyepiece built with finest metal and glass and the tightest mechanical and optical tolerances to deliver an unmatched viewing experience, and allow the easiest composition of the image.

Powerful 47 MP CMOS Sensor
Performance redefined


The unprecedented resolution of the SL2’s CMOS image sensor in full-frame format results in an unparalleled level of detail rendition and image quality. Enormous dynamic range, a color depth of 14 bits per RGB channel and a sensitivity of up to ISO 50,000 enable outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions. Even when combined with Leica TL lenses, which are designed for the smaller sensor format of the Leica TL2 and CL, the SL2’s sensor still delivers an excellent image resolution of over 20 megapixels.



High-speed Autofocus
Never miss a moment

Capturing exactly the right moment is not only essential in sport photography. When used together with the Vario-Elmarit–SL 24–90 mm f/2.8–4 ASPH. and the Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90–280 mm f/2.8-4 zoom lenses, the Leica SL has one of the fastest autofocus systems of all professional cameras – including SLRs. The camera moves the focus from infinity to the closest focusing distance in less than 110 milliseconds.

The new Leica Object Detention AF ensures a fast and reliable AF. In addition to an array of modes and features, including face recognition, the SL2’s high-performance AF system also automatically detects whether a subject is stationary or in motion, and subsequently switches between motion and focus priority.


Professional Workflow
Tethered shooting and more

Thanks to its USB 3.0 interface, the Leica SL can be connected directly to a computer for fast and stable tethered shooting.

Here, the Leica Image Shuttle 3.6 software package ensures an efficient and professional photographic workflow in which all relevant image properties such as subject composition, framing, sharpness, and exposure can be viewed and assessed on larger monitor screens. 


As further options, the image can be given a certain look with presets, or can be integrated in an existing layout to check its suitability. Thanks to enhanced tethering technology, the software will not only display the image just taken. All exposures are immediately ready for postproduction. Tethered shooting enables more than efficient control and higher speed in the postproduction process: for example, Leica Image Shuttle 3.6 enables all image-relevant settings and parameters, and even variable positioning of the AF focusing point, to be made directly from the computer keyboard.

Alternatively, tethered shooting workflows can also be realized with other software solutions. A plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®Lightroom® can be downloaded that enables the realization of a tethered shooting workflow with data transfer for direct image assessment and remote camera control. Should you prefer to use Capture One Pro® software for postprocessing, Leica Image Shuttle can be easily integrated into your workflow with the “Hot Folder” function.

As a wireless option, installing the Leica SL App on your mobile device offers wireless remote control capability for the camera and for reviewing your images. In Live View, you can remotely control your camera, set the focus and relevant parameters, and activate the shutter release – also when shooting video. The screen of your device serves as an external viewfinder. You can assess, mark, or delete any picture you take directly from your mobile device. Another useful feature is the ability to post and share photos and videos across social media.


DNG File Format
Standardized and flexible

The Leica SL is conceived for seamless integration in every existing working environment. The most important prerequisite for this is that image data can be saved as files in the future-proof DNG (Digital Negative) format, the only manufacturer-independent, standardized format that does not rely on specific RAW converters.