VisibleDust Green sensor cleaning Vswabs 1.0x/24mm 12pc

VISIBLEDUST | Product code TRE168.000001 | 0827912077582 Levering 2-3 Werkdagen

These sensor cleaning swabs, with their unique fabric folding system, are specially tailored for cleaning your delicate sensor without leaving streaks, pooling or abrasions. The mini-channels, with contour, provide an even saturation of the swab’s paddles surface while preventing pooling and vertical flow at the edge. This reduces streaks associated with traditional flat surface swabs. The mini-channels also provide the extra reservoir to absorb the excessive liquid and prolonging the moisture life of the swab during the sensor cleaning process. Compatible with Sensor Clean, Smear Away, CMOS Clean or VDust Plus sensor cleaning liquids.

1.0 x / 24 mm Swab Size (Full Frame digital cameras) 12pc

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1.0 x / 24 mm Swab Size (Full Frame digital cameras)