Leica 11697 THAMBAR-M 90mm f/2.2 black paint finish

LEICA | Product code FLE106.000014 | 4022243116979 Levering 2-3 Werkdagen

When the Thambar was originally released in 1935, Leica lenses were already renowned for their exceptionally sharp rendition. So it was all the more surprising when Leitz introduced a soft focus lens which – despite being named after the Greek term ‘thambo’, meaning ‘blurred’ – gave rise to images whose romantic aesthetics are not only unmatched by any other lens to this day, but also impossible to replicate in digital post-processing.

This makes the new Thambar-M an exciting counterpoint to Leica’s other 90mm focal length lenses, and allows the modern-day photographer to experience the unique characteristics of this classic lens; or, as the Greek would say, ‘me thambose me teen omorfia tis’: to be blinded by beauty.

  • - Filter mount: E49
  • - Lens hood: push-on (included)
  • - Weight: approx. 500g

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The Thambar’s distinctive, dreamily romantic look and unmistakeable bokeh are created by deliberately undercorrected spherical aberration, along with 20 aperture blades for the circular rendition of out-of-focus highlights. Because the aberration increases towards the periphery of the optical system, both the extension of the depth of field and the degree of diffusion can be precisely controlled via the stepless aperture ring.

Widening the aperture increases the soft focus, whereas stopping down reduces the effect.  The lightproof area at the centre of the soft focus spot filter prevents the axial rays (which generate sharp focus) from reaching the sensor – resulting in an even more intense soft focus appearance.

Scope of delivery

As with the original Thambar of 1935, the lens hood, filter surround and both lens caps are made of metal. The hood can be attached to the lens back-to-front during transport.

Felt linings inside the lens hood and front cap serve to protect the metal surfaces from scratches.

A hard leather case in vintage brown keeps the Thambar perfectly secure, whereby the center spot filter can be safely stored in the lid. The leather case, designed to closely resemble the original quiver sold more than eighty years ago, ensures excellent protection during transport.